Make Projections

Cash flow forecasting is a part of the financial planning process, which helps estimate your liquidity position over several months (or years) ahead. Anima Web will make projections based on your company’s current status. Our cash flow forecasting will help your company allocate capital to projects that ultimately generate sufficient return on investment and are profitable for your business.

How We Make Cash Flow Projections

Our cash flow projections will be useful for the growth of your business in the medium-term or long-term periods. It will help anticipate the amount of money you will have at a certain time to pay off debts, cover expenses like payroll, and make investments at the right time.

Effective cash flow projections can be the catalyst for the long-term financial health of your organization. It helps you navigate through instability in times of uncertainty. We put a forensic lens on your cash balances and anticipate potential cash gaps to find corrective strategies.

Proper allocation of cash surplus enables an organization to invest funds at the right time and right places. When you have a lot of stagnant cash on hand, you can benefit your business in many ways. We help you identify the best way to invest that excess cash or use it to create a competitive advantage. Our scenario planning will positively impact your investment decisions.

We track your spending to figure out if it hits your revenue goals or not. Our projection report helps you see the movement of cash into and out of business and how it can positively impact and increase the accuracy of future budgeting.

When making important financial decisions, we advise you to consult our cash flow projection. If you anticipate a deficit in the months ahead, we find ways to cut your costs, save surpluses, and increase sales to compensate for the difference. We also give you suggestions on the best time to invest in new equipment, hire new employees, offer promotions/discounts, and when to revise pricing and payment terms.

We not only make projections but also compare our reports to actual results. This will improve the accuracy of cash flow and help us identify seasonal changes in revenue and longer-term patterns and cycles. The comparaison will help you become better decision makers and improve operational efficiencies of your business with each passing month.

What’s Included In Our Projection Reports?

Our cash flow projection reports cover the following areas:

  • Expected sales numbers
  • Expected gross margins
  • Expected overhead costs
  • Expected inventory costs
  • The average sales and purchases time
  • The expected dates of all types of tax payments
  • Funding arrangements

Get Started Making Cash Flow Projections with Anima Web

While creating or improving a cash forecasting process may seem overwhelming, Anima Web makes it simple. As an automated cash management platform, we use real-time data to visualize, analyze, report, and reconcile cash flows.