Optimize Your Cash Management In Business with Anima Web

Anima Web helps businesses create sustainable cash management that leads to financial stability. We analyze, track, and cross-check your cash flow, use invoicing software to automate your processes, keep your inventory in balance, and make accurate projections for your future cash needs.

What Is Corporate Cash Flow?

Corporate cash flow refers to the net amount of cash inflows and cash outflows of a company. When a company receives cash, it represents inflows, and when a company spends money, it means outflows. Cash flow analysis helps businesses identify their liquidity state. When a company is able to generate positive cash flow or maximize its long-term free cash flow (FCF), it will be able to create value for its shareholders

What Is the Purpose Of Cash Management?

Cash management is vital for your business to anticipate potential cash holes and identify investment opportunities. Managing your company’s cash can save you from a sticky situation during uncertain economic challenges. Anima Web will assist you in keeping your cash budget up-to-date. We will figure out your cash gaps that could damage your finances and implement appropriate strategies to foster good cash management. We further allocate your cash surplus considering your long-term profit and create a safety net for unexpected expenses.

The Different Roles In Cash Management

Cash management is an intricate process that many people manage as per the company’s size. The different roles that help keep the company’s cash flow optimized and healthy include:

The managing director -

knows the company's cash situation and makes decisions to keep the cash flow positive

The administrative and financial director -

manages the company's finance team and reports to the managing director of any cash flow issues.

The treasurer -

manages the daily cash flows and analyzes key indicators to speculate the company's liquidity and profitability.

The accountant -

accesses invoices, balance sheets, income statements, budgets, tax returns, etc.

Management accountant/controller -

manages company's budgets and provides the information required to document the cash flow forecast.

Day-to-day Cash Management

Analyzing your company’s cash flow only at the beginning and the end of the month is not enough. Monitoring it on a daily basis is crucial to keep the balance between cash inflow and outflow. Knowing your cash situation daily will help you get informed about the available cash your company has at any given time and at the end of the year to include in the annual balance sheet.

How To Optimize Cash Management

Cash management optimization requires a clear strategy and organization-wide financial discipline to hit your company’s growth targets. We will help you achieve a balanced cash management system with our professional expertise.

Make Projections
Adequate cash forecasting improves decision-making. We project cash flows to mitigate cash shortages, compare business expenses and income for periods, and determine if you need to cut expenses or when you’ll be able to repay your lenders on time.
Monitor Cash Flow
Daily monitoring of cash flow allows you to make better investment decisions for your company. We can help you create budgets that accurately reflect your company’s cash flow and streamline your accounts receivable process.

Using Software for Unpaid Invoices

Chasing unpaid invoices manually is a tedious task. Our professionals will use accounts receivable software to automatically send reminders to customers for due or overdue payments to collect payments faster.


Keeping Your Inventory In Balance

Inventory management is vital to keep your business running and maintain good relationships with customers. We’ll make sure that you always have the right amount of stock in hand to meet your customers’ needs.